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High quality care and the best patient experience ... these are our top priorities. We achieve this through our experience and our compassion. Every professional on our team has over a decade of experience in the private medical space. Each touchpoint you have with our practice is led by a passionate and empathetic professional.

We are patients, parents, caregivers, and children ourselves too. We know what it feels like to be sick and how it can feel when you've finally found a physician that cares about you. We are that team. Reach out so we can help you and our family.

About our Practice

Beverly Hills ENT and Facial Plastics is a private Ear, Nose, and Throat and Facial Plastics practice. We pride ourselves on ensuring the best results, communicating with empathy, and giving you the best overall patient experience.

Patient communication and satisfaction are prioritized right alongside providing the best outcomes. Long hold times and a physician who doesn't return your calls...? Not here. Our team makes you a priority, and your medical questions are answered by the physician directly.

At BHENT, you will see a physician and benefit from decades of experience in the care of ear, nose and throat conditions. Whether you need medical care or surgical treatment, our team excels at finding the solution for you, one that fits your lifestyle and needs.

Complete ENT care

Our physicians have accumulated decades of experience in ENT, caring for adults and children with simple and complex problems.

Office-based procedures

We avoid the operating room if we can, and offer many office-based procedures that can send you back to work the same day.

Innovative Surgery

When surgery is needed, you will benefit from our vast experience in minimally-invasive surgeries that help you get back to your life quickly and improved.

Patient-centered Communication

Your care is only as good as your overall experience. We prioritize communication and want you to be a partner in your care.

Hearing loss and Ear Symptoms

Our team manages ear infections such as swimmer's ear as well as otitis media, cerumen or wax build up, as well as other ear conditions. Cosmetic ear procedures are also available.

Nasal health and Appearance

In addition to managing allergies, nasal congestion, nasal obstruction, and other nasal issues, our expert team is trained in Facial Plastic Surgery. Cosmetic rhinoplasty and other nasal refinement procedures can be performed by our physicians.

Reflux and throat symptoms

Hoarseness, throat clearing, and other throat symptoms may be due to reflux. We can help you figure out if this is occurring or if your symptoms are due to other conditions, including cancer or infection.

Allergy and Sinus

Our expert team is specially trained in the management of sinusitis and allergy. In-office testing can determine if you are dealing with allergies and outpatient therapy can help you to defeat them once and for all. Beat your allergies without weekly shots.


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